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The Boats


 As in 2012, USQS competitors will use two fleets of boats for the competition - - the Sonar and the J/70.


The Sonar and the new J/70 speedster have each been designed with a common mission in mind: to serve the need for a club one-design keelboat. These boats represent dramatically different styles of sailing and an evolution in keelboat racing across the last forty years. For sailors accustomed to the traditional "symmetrical" spinnaker with a movable spinnaker pole, the Sonar continues to be both a classic and competitive one-design racer. The J/70 represents the latest in one-design technology, construction, and naval engineering with a planing hull and an exciting high-performance sail plan. Designed in 1979 by Bruce Kirby, who also designed the Laser, the Sonar has become the fleet of choice for many yacht clubs in the Northeast. Because of the boat's stability and reputation for being indestructible, owners tend to join the fleet for life, and the boat has become the standard among many of the world's disabled sailors for satisfying their desire to compete at the highest level on the water. Sailors who appreciate a boat with a demanding and tactical fleet but a low-maintenance approach often become Sonar devotees. While the Sonar is a well-established ISAF International Class, the J/70 appears to be rapidly on its way to the same recognition.An idea incubated for years, the J/70 represents 35 years of one-design knowledge from the J/Boats family. Successful attributes from prior one-designs are clearly identifiable to the eye. The J/70 has a single-spreader, deck-stepped mast for easy set-up like the J/22. It has a drop keel for easy travel and ramp launching based on lessons learned from the J/95. And unsurprisingly, the J/70 has an asymmetrical spinnaker; asymmetrical have been driving downwind performance since J/Boats introduced the concept to keelboat one-designs in 1992 with the J/105. This successful chemistry has created what Jeff Johnstone, President of J/Boats, deems the "most successful product launch in J/Boats history."