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History of the NYYC's Model Collection

modelhistory starsstripes_sThe Stars & Stripes catamaran (the 1988 defender) represents the state-of-the-art in modeling.Ken Gardiner has risen over the last 10 years as one of the premier yacht model builders in the United States. He has built numerous models for a select group of clients including the NYYC. The last two models, which we are going to look at, are New Zealand and Stars & Stripes catamaran. Despite the controversy over this America's Cup, these two yachts represent the state of the art in yacht design and construction. The models also represent the cutting edge of model building technology. Mr. Gardiner breaks from many of the traditional model building methods. He uses resin and fiberglass to form his hulls in molds, only carving a model in the traditional method upon request. His fittings are mass-produced through the use of photo etching, he uses wire rather than linen and silk for rigging. These new techniques may be the wave of the future but the key is will they stand the test of time?


The Mission Statement of the Model Committee is clearly spelled out. First, the Model Committee's mission is to ensure that the model collection of the NYYC remains the foremost collection of yacht models in the world. Secondly, It is the responsibility of the Model Committee to obtain models it considers desirable additions to the collection. Lastly, the Model Committee shall exercise proper and all due care and control of the models belonging to the club, including exhibition, maintenance, preservation and detailed record keeping. The management of a model collection this size is a full time job. We are lucky to have a chairman who has a good sense of organization and is able to set priorities. This is further enhanced by a committee and membership, which take pride in the collection, the club they belong and the sport they love so much.