Rolex New York Yacht Club Invitational Cup

The Rolex New York Yacht Club Invitational Cup is a biennial event hosted by the New York Yacht Club in Newport, R.I., in September at its Harbour Court Clubhouse. The Invitational Cup is a regatta for teams of& amateur sailors representing yacht clubs from around the world. The competition was first run in 2009. Through the 2017 edition, the regatta was sailed in a fleet of one-design Swan 42 yachts. The New York Yacht Club Swan 42 was the eighth one-design class sponsored by the New York Yacht Club. Standardized rig tuning and identical sails make this regatta the most level platform for amateur competition in boats this size. 

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The host team, led by Phil Lotz (NYYC Commodore, 2017 and 2018) won the inaugural competition, defeating 16 other clubs. The Royal Canadian Yacht Club (Toronto, Canada), led by Olympic silver medalist Terry McLaughlin, won in 2011 and 2013, followed by the Royal Thames Yacht Club (London, England) in 2015 and Southern Yacht Club from New Orleans, La., in 2017. International yacht clubs apply to compete in the regatta. For United States yacht clubs, the path to the event is through the Resolute Cup, which is run on even years for domestic clubs and generally sailed in smaller one-design yachts. Teams from more than 40 yacht clubs from 21 countries and all six inhabited continents, more than 1,000 sailors, have competed in at least one edition of the Rolex New York Yacht Club Annual Regatta.

After a decade of great racing, the Swan 42 fleet had dispersed around the globe and in 2017, the Club created a new class to carry the regatta forward. The IC37, designed by Mark Mills, is the product of an exhaustive search process that included submissions from numerous yacht designers and builders. The New York Yacht Club will own all 20 of the boats to be used for the Invitational Cup enabling the Club to ensure that the regatta remains the pinnacle of one-design big-boat competition.