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Royal Ocean Racing Club

Royal Ocean Racing Club
Great Britain

It is a strange fact that the RORC has no equivalent in any other country (except possible the Nippon Ocean Racing Club, which with 6000 members and many outstations is more of an association for racing throughout Japan). Many clubs all over the world run a limited number of ocean races from their own bases, combined with other sailing activities. There is nothing with quite the appearance of the present day RORC race programme. By contrast various events spring up or are grafted on to race programmes, some being totally organized by a sponsor. When the great event is over, competitors disperse and no physical trace remains.

After eighty years, the message of the Royal Ocean Racing Club still carries a long way. With its bricks and mortar existence, its elected membership and its permanent professional staff, the club stands as a sentinel for the ideals of racing under sail at sea.

Invitational Cup Team

Name Position ISAF Sailor ID
Graham Bailey HELM GBRBG9
Jonny Greenland TACTICIAN GBRJG8
Andrew McIrvine Navigator GBRAM12
Richard Powell Trim GBRRP14
Tim Burnell Trim AUSTB2
Chris Fry Trim AUSCF2
Julia Bailey Pit GBRJB44
Steve Thorpe Mast GBRST5
Sam Evans Bow GBRSE14
Andrew Connell Owner's Rep USAAC73

20 St. James's Place
London, SW1A 1NN


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