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Yacht Club Punta Ala

Yacht Club Punta Ala

Yacht Club Punta Ala was born July 24, 1976 with the signing of the Constitution by the Founding Members who appointed Mr. President. Giampiero Pesenti. Originally the Club was located in some local small square near the Landing. Right now the need was felt that the Club undertook an institutional eminently sporting activities and took away the first sailing events. At the same time showed the obvious need to provide a suitable venue for the Club: it is for the rapid growth of the social body and the quantity and quality of sporting events, the Club was organizing. Finally in 1992, thanks to Prof. Bruno Calandriello, came permission for the construction of new headquarters that he saw the inauguration on the evening of July 7, 1995.

Invitational Cup Team

Valerio Battista
Valerio Battista 54 y.o.(helmsman) has started to sail recently becoming in a short time a very passionate sailor competing in many national and international ORC regattas. His boat “Cronos” a Grand Soleil 42’Race it is one of the fastest boats in the Italian fleet. Valerio can be considered one of the top Corinthian helmsmen in Italy.
Filippo Calandriello

Filippo Calandriello 49 y.o. (skipper and tactician) is sailing from more then 35 years in the IOR, IMS, J24, Star, IRC, Swan classes.

He became Italian champion in IOR class 1 with “Almagores” helmed by John Bertrand (USA) in the 1985.

He won two times the IOR class “A” Mediterranean championship with his father boat “Dida”, a German Frers 53’, and in the same years was first in the Giraglia regatta with the same boat. Filippo participated to many international events during the ’80 (two ton cup 1981-one ton cup 1986 –Sardinia cup ‘82-‘84) before to start to work as an Architect.

Other Team Members

Name Position ISAF Sailor ID
Alessandro Masini Navigator ITAAM4
Roberto Lacorte Main ITARL2
Andrea Lacorte Trimmer ITAAL55
Piero Burresi Halyards ITAPB18
Nicola Masini Trimmer ITANM3
Lorenzo Gregorio Trimmer ITALG8
Riccardo Spanu Foremast ITARS34
Matteo Severi Bow ITAMS67
Victor Winogradow Owner's Rep
Giulio Pesucci Reserve ITAGP124

Località Il Porto
58040 Punta Ala  -Grosseto-


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