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Yacht Club Argentino

Yacht Club Argentino

The Yacht Club Argentino in 1906 and 1907 had active participation in the founding of the International Yacht Racing Union in Paris, today International Sailing Federation, was admitted and recognized as a National Authority that same year.

The Club has 3300 members, 38 owned vessels between boats for the organization and supervision of racing sailboats to race, school and cruising, dinghies, and a large number of sailboats and the International Optimist Class Cadet.

Invitational Cup Team

Name Position ISAF Sailor ID
Paulo M. Cosentino HELM ARGPC1
Ricardo A. Galarce Trimmer ARGRG3
Carlos V. D. Jasson Hardie Navigator ARGCJ3
Juan Noguera Crew ARGJN1
Francicso Javier Tavella Main ARGFT4
Jorge A. Goulu Crew ARGJG9
Martin G. Bodas Crew ARGMB17
Francicso J. Billoch Crew ARGFB8
Santiago Braun Crew ARGSB3
Scott Price Owner's Rep  

Viamonte y Río de la Plata Dársena Norte
(1107) Buenos Aires


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