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Seattle Yacht Club

Seattle YC

Seattle Yacht Club
Seattle, USA

Founded in 1892, Seattle Yacht Club is one of the most active and established yacht clubs in the United States. The unique urban location of the main clubhouse on Portage Bay is complemented by the 10 gorgeous outstations located along the shores of Washington and British Columbia,what many consider to be the greatest cruising grounds in North America. SYC has a long history of competitive sailors succeeding at all levels including the Olympics, and the club sponsored two America’s Cup syndicates: 1974 with Intrepid and 2003 with oneWorld Challenge. Seattle Yacht Club is now home to more than 2,500 members and has an active junior sailing program. Opening Day, the club’s annual spring celebration, is the region’s premier on-the-water party. Seattle Yacht Club maintains reciprocity with more than 400 other boating groups around the world.
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About The Team

Skipper: Andrew Loe
Boat: Hoss

Seattle YC HelmspersonMost of the Seattle Yacht Club's team represented their club in the 2013 Invitational Cup. That was their first time participating in the Invitational Cup and they showed their strength by placing seventh overall. The team is thrilled to have a second chance at the regatta to improve that place. Andrew Loe was helmsman for the Seattle Yacht Club's successful qualifying series in 2012 and then was tactician for the 2013 Invitational Cup. This year he takes over as helmsman for the Cup itself, with Jay Renehan taking the place of tactician. To prepare for the Cup the Seattle Yacht Club sailed in the NYYC 161st Annual Regatta and the 2015 Swan 42 Nationals. (Andrew Loe, helmsperson, pictured at left).

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