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NYYC Invitational Cup "Keeper" Trophy Presented

Former NYYC Commodore Robert L. James and former Trustee Charles A. Robertson presented the first of two Invitational Cup trophies. The artist is Norman McMillan. This trophy goes to the yacht club of the winner of the next (2011) NYYC Invitational Cup; the yacht clubkeeps it until the next event. The trophy, said McMillan, "is in the form of a tetrahedron shape" --as in a racing mark. "Itrepresents good wind and water. The materials are acrylic and stainless... The blue represents the water, and the stainless steel is the sailboat."

Photo by Dan Nerney shows Charles A. Robertson, left, and Commodore Robert L. James.

The Invitational Cup Trophy by Norman McMillan at Harbour Court on July 8, 2011 -- the day it was presented. Dan Nerney photos.

Former NYYC Commodore Robert L. James, right, and Charles A. Robertson, the donors of the Invitational Cup.

The Cup in the Library at Harbour Court.

The stainless steel yacht isreminiscent of the NYYC Swan 42 -- the yacht presently used in the NYYC Invitational Cup.