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Invitational Cup Fantasy Sailing Competition from Sailing World

Photo by Kurt Arrigo

A large part of the appeal of the New York YC’s Invitational Cup is that it is a unique event. There are very few, if any, regattas like it.

Many of the same things that make it unique, however, also make it difficult to predict the teams that will come out on top. The keys a handicapper would use to determine the final standings are largely irrelevant or absent.

Of course, this only makes trying to guess the winners more of a challenge. So we’ve set up a pick ‘em contest for the 2011 Invitational Cup. Call it an attempt at Fantasy Sailing. Hey every other sport has it, why not us?

It’s a fairly simple contest, at least in theory. To enter, click on this link:, which will take you to an online survey. Enter your name, email (so we can tell you if you’ve won, or not), and then select the top five finishers in the 2011 Invitational Cup.

The standings of the pick ‘em competition will be determined by adding up the differences between where you picked a team to finish and where it actually finishes. The best possible score is zero. Were you to get the top five exactly right, your predicted position subtracted from their actual position would be zero for each team. It doesn’t matter whether a team finishes higher or lower than your predicted finish. In either case, it’s just the difference between the two numbers.

We’ve also thrown in a couple of tiebreakers just in case two or more entries end up with the same total.

The prize pack? We’re still working on that. It’ll certainly include some Sailing World gear. Hopefully we’ll have a few other goodies to toss in there as well.

See for more information.