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Eastern Yacht Club


Marblehead, Mass. 

Founded 1870



In 1870, a group of gentlemen from Boston organized themselves as the Eastern Yacht Club. Within a month, they had enrolled 100 members with 23 yachts. Construction of the clubhouse on Marblehead Neck was completed in 1881. Eastern yachts Puritan, Mayflower and Volunteer successfully defended the America's Cup against the British in 1885, 1886 and 1887, and Eastern's membership has included such celebrated yacht designers and builders as Edward and Starling Burgess, Nathanael and L. Francis Herreshoff, Ray Hunt and Ted Hood. The club's roster of members includes some of the most successful sailors of their time including Charles Francis Adams, Chandler Hovey, Bradley Noyes, Ted Hood, Dave Curtis, Rich Wilson and Robbie Doyle.


Eastern Yacht Club will once again turn to keelboat guru Bill Lynn, who skippered the EYC team to victory in 2010 and second place in 2014, as well as a ninth in 2012.

“For Eastern, it’s always been about trying to qualify for the Invitational Cup, which we’ve managed to do two of the three times we’ve sailed in this event,” says Lynn. “We were in the hunt last year for the Invitational Cup [Eastern finished third], and we have a ton of support from the membership, so we figured we’d take another swing at winning it.”

Taking another swing at the Resolute Cup means learning a new boat. The Resolute Cup has always used two different boats to ensure the winner is the best team and not simply the crew with the most experience in a specific design. For 2012 and 2014, the J/70 was used along with the Sonar. This year, the Melges 20 will be used in addition to the Club’s fleet of 21 Sonars. Lynn is a former world champion in the Sonar class and doesn’t expect any problems with that boat. But if all goes according to plan, and Eastern is among the 10 teams that qualify for the Gold Fleet, Lynn will have to win the regatta in the Melges 20.

“It’s a tricky little beast to sail well,” he says, “but the standardized tuning should simplify things a bit. We’ve been sorting out the boat handling and I think that’s the area that’s going to separate the winners: who can get the kite up and down, plane sooner and jibe better. In terms of our chances against the M20 regulars, who knows? Good tactics and boat handling might be enough to neutralize our lack of time in the boat, but we could also be in for an epic beating.”

That is true of every team competing in the 2016 Resolute Cup, regardless of pedigree. With the fleet expanded to 29 teams, just a third will qualify for the Gold Fleet. Teams that focus too heavily on the Melges 20 may find themselves struggling in the Sonar, which will be used for two-thirds of the qualifying races for all 30 teams.

SKIPPER - Bill Lynn