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Nantucket Yacht Club


Nantucket, Mass. 

Founded 1906



The Nantucket Yacht Club began as an informal association of neighbors in 1890, and the inaugural commissioning occurred in 1906 at its current location. From this idyllic location "away offshore", commuting to mainland venues for competition in its formative years was prohibitive, so the NYC developed an active homegrown racing program. In the early decades of the 20th century, several NYC members helped establish and run the New York Yacht Club's Station #11, adjacent to the NYC Clubhouse. Since those years, the NYC has hosted the NYYC Annual Cruise on many occasions. During the past century, the club has staged numerous major regattas, including the International One Design world and North American championships, the Flying Dutchman North American championship, and an annual 12-Metre regatta. In 2005, the NYC created the annual Nantucket Race Week, and nearly a thousand sailors gathered to compete in boats ranging in size from Optimists to large yachts.


When it comes to why Stephen Ulian wanted to represent Nantucket Yacht Club at the Resolute Cup this year he has plenty of answers, all of them embodying the spirit of what the Resolute Cup stands for.

“There are a number of aspects about the Resolute Cup that appealed to me; first it’s a super competitive fleet with great sailors,” says Ulian. “Next is Newport, RI which is as good a sailing venue as there is in the country, especially in September, and third is the Corinthian nature of the event in that it is meant to be a fun way for amateur sailors from around the country to get together representing their respective sailing organizations.”

The Resolute Cup is a unique event for a number of reasons. Two different fleets of boats, Melges 20s and Sonars, will be used for the competition. All equipment, including the sails, is provided and the rig tuning will be standardized across both fleets. Each competitor must be a World Sailing Group 1 (amateur) sailor, and a full member of the club he or she represents. The event provides one of the most level playing fields in the sport of sailing and rewards teams that come in prepared but can also learn and adjust on the fly.

“I think that I was selected based on my past experience racing in some fairly high level regattas even though that may have been a pretty long time ago!” Says Ulian. “As far as the team selection, we tried racing in different fleets with different crew combinations and the final team was selected based on team strengths given the two boats we need to sail, crew dynamics, as well as trying to hit what we think is optimum weight.”

Teams will sail a two-day qualifying series on Narragansett Bay in both Sonars and Melges 20s. The top teams will move to the two-day Championship Series in Melges 20s, and the remaining teams will compete for Silver Fleet honors in Sonars.

“I think that this type of regatta rewards consistency,” says Ulian. “It will be a very tough fleet on relatively short courses so trying to stay in the top 5 in every race is the way I approach the regatta. Starts will be critical, sailing clean, and taking calculated risks I think will be the keys for us. And of course boat handling will be big, especially in the Melges given that we are not sport boat sailors by background having more experience in boats more similar to the Sonar. Having said that, if we can get off the line, sail well upwind and make the turn in decent shape in the Melges, we’ll throw spears off the breeze to try to hold our position!...In all seriousness, it’s going to be a great regatta and our goal is try to be in the mix, see what happens and most importantly have fun.”

SKIPPER - Stephen Ulian

TACTICAN - Skip Willauer