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Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club

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Beaufort, SC

Founded 1884


BeaufortYSCThe roots of sailing go back many years in Beaufort. A predecessor to the Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club was organized as early as 1884, according to records found in the 100-year time capsule that was opened at the County Courthouse in 1984. The Beaufort Yacht Club was chartered in 1908 and all but disappeared during two world wars.

In 1955 the Beaufort Sailing Club was organized and races were held downtown from the municipal parking lot. In 1967 several members of the club purchased the property where BYSC now resides and renamed the club the Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club.


Selection Process
BYSC does not have a formal Club Championship regatta. In fact, there are only a handful of sailors who travel to out of town regattas and fewer still who compete on the national level. John Potter was approached by several members who saw a write up on the Resolute Cup and suggested that he form a team and apply to the NYYC for a spot in the regatta.

Potter, Peter Gamble, and David Guggenheim sail Lasers and VX Ones together, with Gamble and Potter owning a VX together. Potter’s youngest daughter, Emily Potter, sails an Open Bic and occasionally with the group on the VX.

Team Training Plan
While the team does not have an official training plan they have all committed to losing some weight to make room for Emily Potter and give her the experience of sailing in such a large event.

“We are at a disadvantage where the choice of boats are concerned. We plan to spend some time at the College of Charleston relearning how to sail with a symmetrical spinnaker on their J-22’s,” says, John Potter. “I believe that the closest Sonars to us are in St. Pete. We are hoping that there will be another Melges training regatta. While we are very proficient on the VX, I am sure that there would be much to learn about the Melges 20.”

SKIPPER - John Potter

TACTICIAN - Peter Gamble

CREW - David Guggenheim and Emily Potter