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The Corinthian Yacht Club of Philadelphia


Essington, PA

Founded 1892


download 3The Corinthian Yacht Club of Philadelphia was founded in 1892 and has a rich yachting history. On the racing front members have participated in the Olympics, crewed on various America’s Cup boats, including Stars and Stripes when she won back the cup in 1987, Our boats have won both the St David’s Lighthouse Division in the Newport Bermuda Race and the Annapolis Newport Race. We have also had members who have completed a circumnavigation and explored above the arctic circle. Today we host 3 college sailing teams: Villanova, Drexel and the University of Pennsylvania. Currently we have 2 competitive one design classes, V15s and J22s that race ever Wednesday night on the Delaware River in the spring and summer, as well as an active big boat fleet that is located mostly in the Chesapeake Bay. 


While some motivations for competing may differ among clubs, a core tenet of the Resolute Cup, to run a Corinthian keelboat championship amongst preeminent U.S. yacht clubs, rings true throughout the fleet. Each sailor must be a World Sailing Group 1 (amateur) sailor, and a member of the club he or she represents.

“It is a great nation-wide gathering, and for the fact that it is not for professional sailors makes it even more interesting,” says team skipper Jack Gregg. “You are competing for your club so it is more of club sport over an individual sport. Representing the club is the fun part of it.”

Yet while the love and fun of sailing always holds a place, club pride is never diminished.

“Well [club members] are all excited about it because it a chance for the club to get some recognition," added Gregg. "We are hoping that some members will come up to be spectators and support the team during the event. Other members of the club have offered to help in any way they can.”

When it comes to the team who will be representing the club at the September event, Gregg had a major hand in who would be on the roster.

“I have raced with them before, both with them or against them," says Gregg. "I tried to match the skills of the team to the races we are going to be having. We are somewhat familiar with the sonars but we have to get better at the Melges 20. We have been practicing in a J/22, which is similar to the Sonar, but we are lacking in knowledge of the Melges 20.”

SKIPPER - Jack Gregg

TACTICIAN - Dyfrig Mon