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San Diego Yacht Club


San Diego, CA

Founded 1953


San DiegoIn June of 1886 a group of local boating enthusiasts joined together to found what has become a cornerstone yacht club in American yachting. The SDYC facilities operate year round and include 600 boat slips, dry storage for over 200 boats, tennis courts, a swimming pool, picnic areas, a full service dining room, bar, banquet facilities, a summer snack bar, gift shop, and an internationally renowned year-round Junior Program. Two-thirds of the members own boats. Over 100 employees maintain the Club facilities to serve the membership and their guests. SDYC members are dedicated to the principles and traditions of Corinthian yachting.


San Diego Yacht Club first debuted at this event in 2010 but skipped a few years since, thus this will be their second time at the Resolute Cup.

“Being able to compete against so many top sailors from other top yacht clubs around the country is my main motivation for this event, says team skipper Rick Merriman. When it comes to how the team was formed, “[the club] has a challenge committee who looks at resumes. We did not have a sail off. They met and decided who would be best represent the club in the event style. I was able to pick who I wanted for the team.”

The Resolute Cup is a unique event for a number of reasons. Two different fleets of boats, Melges 20s and Sonars, will be used for the competition. All equipment, including the sails, is provided and the rig tuning will be standardized across both fleets. Each competitor must be a World Sailing Group 1 (amateur) sailor, and a full member of the club he or she represents. The event provides one of the most level playing fields in the sport of sailing and rewards teams that come in prepared but can also learn and adjust on the fly.

Teams will sail a two-day qualifying series on Narragansett Bay in both Sonars and Melges 20s. The top teams will move to the two-day Championship Series in Melges 20s, and the remaining teams will compete for Silver Fleet honors in Sonars.

“Once they asked me I talked to people involved in both classes,” says Merriman. “And asked their advice to be competitive in both types of boats. Hopefully our good team work and experience. We do not have a lot of experience in the Melges 20 so hopefully that is not too much of challenge for us. Our teamwork and experience of just sailing a lot will help us.”

SKIPPER - Rick Merriman

TACTICIAN - Chuck Sinks