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Sea Cliff Yacht Club

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Sea Cliff, N.Y.

Founded 1892


SeaCliffYCSea Cliff Yacht Club is a family oriented club located on the north shore of Long Island in Sea Cliff, NY. The Club has a long history of one-design and cruising fleets ranging from Sunfish, Snipes, Stars, Sonars, most recently Ideal 18’s. There is Junior Sailing for our younger sailors. Sea Cliff Yacht Club is active in the Junior Sailing Association of Long Island Sound hosting our annual Western District Regatta.

Sea Cliff Yacht Club has always prided itself to support sailing at all levels from local events to national events. Sea Cliff has been host to Snipe North Americans, Optimist Atlantic Coasts, US Sailing Championships, J-44 Championships, and their annual Around Long Island Regatta. Sea Cliff Yacht Club was the founder of the International Catamaran Challenge Trophy.

Sea Cliff runs a very active adult sailing program in which we train new sailors, offer specialty training in areas like match racing and fleet racing and host weekly fleet racing in their 7 boat Ideal 18 fleet.


The core tenet of the Resolute Cup, to run a Corinthian keelboat championship amongst preeminent U.S. yacht clubs, rings true throughout the fleet, especially for Sea Cliff Yacht Club. Each sailor must be a World Sailing Group 1 (amateur) sailor, and a member of the club he or she represents.

“I was attracted to the concept of a real one-design event with a new format and which had the basis of promoting club competition,” says Douglas Wefer, a four-time collegiate All-American for the University of Michigan and team skipper for Sea Cliff Yacht Club. “I would say that we haven’t had an event that the club has been as excited to cheer for as this. New York Yacht Club has done a great job of framing this as competition between clubs, and that makes the whole club excited.”

When it came to choosing the team for the Resolute Cup Sea Cliff Yacht Club formed a committee, called the Team Sea Cliff Committee, to oversee and guide the process of participating in the regatta. The committee solicited the membership for those that would be interested and available in being part of the team and then supported practice among those interested. A combination of sailing resumes and recommendations is what made the final decisions about who would be on the team.

“In our case we tried to approach participation from a very inclusive basis,” says Wefer. “We publicized that we were doing it and found out who was interested. And I say this in contrast to clubs who announce these things and have one guy raise his hand to go. Our objective was to drive the interest of the club.”

As with previous editions, the 2016 Resolute Cup will utilize two one-design fleets. Teams will sail a two-day qualifying series in both Sonars and Melges 20s, with the top ten teams moving to the two-day championship series in Melges 20s and the remaining teams competing in Sonars. While experience in either boat can be an advantage, the Resolute Cup is anchored to the belief that the best sailors can make any boat go fast; or at least faster than the competition.

“The Melges 20 will be a change and that brings a whole new dynamic,” says Wefer. “I have sailed sonars a fair amount but the dynamics of the two boats are so different that it will take finding a happy strong medium in both classes to do well. I feel that the conditions could play a large role and it may just be the luck of the draw, which is what sailing is many times. It sometimes comes down to how heavy your crew is on a particular day. I think that this event will not be unlike most real one-design events. Being consistent is key.”

In regards to team training, Team Sea Cliff found Sonar and J70 sailing opportunities to practice with. A rotation of crew members is planned with the hope of giving many sailors the opportunity to experience the various crew positions and develop boat handling techniques in boats similar to those used in the Resolute Cup.

SKIPPER - Douglas Wefer

TACTICIAN - Mark Disanti