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Wadawanuck Club


Stonington, CT

Founded 1908


download 3The Wadawanuck Club is a sailing, tennis and swimming summer club in Stonington, Connecticut. The club was established in 1908 at the head of Stonington harbor on Fishers Island Sound at the Eastern end of Long Island Sound. The club's sailing history dates back to the 1920s when the Wadawanuck Yacht Club was formally established. The Wadawanuck club has been instrumental in the design of many J boats, including the J24 which was designed and built in a garage just down the harbor from the club.


For nine of the 29 teams competing in the Resolute Cup this year it will be their first time at the event. Wadawanuck Club will be one of those nine, mostly small, first-timers.

“What’s probably most important to understand about us as a yacht club is we’re just a very small local yacht club in Stonington, Connecticut,” says team skipper Jason Michas. “The membership is basically just this one town on Long Island Sound, although a lot of good sailors have come out of it. The best thing I can say about it is it’s the unofficial town community center. The whole town lives here in the summer.”

Though membership may be small, that does not mean support for the team competing in this event is lacking.

“[Members are] happy that there are interested people at the club that want to do things like this,” says Michas. “The commodore is really excited that we’re doing it, he hopes we can encourage more sailing at the club. Other members at the club, like Rodney Johnstone, are really excited that we’re going to represent the club that he spent most of his life sailing out of.”

With Michas’ long history of experience in the Melges 20, one half of the two one-design fleets used in the Resolute Cup, he was chosen to represent Wadawanuck Club.

“I’m the skipper and Brandon Flack will be the middle guy, the tactician,” says Michas. “Brandon and I have sailed together in a much smaller version of the Resolute Cup that we have on Fishers Island Sound every summer. Brandon was one of the first guys that I went to just for his general experience in sailing but also because of his sportboat experience. The bow guy is Tim Desmond, who is one of the most enthusiastic sailors at the club. You present him with an opportunity to go sailing, and whether he has other commitments or not, you can see the wheels start spinning. Tim and I have done a lot of Laser frostbiting.”

SKIPPER - Jason Michas

TACTICIAN - Brandon Flack