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Winnipesaukee Yacht Club


Gilford, NH

Founded 1937


WinnipesaukeeYCThe Winnipesaukee Yacht Club was founded in 1937 based on the principles of teamwork and friendship which are the very cornerstones on which the club operates today. WYC is a private club and is 100% owned and operated by it's members. WYC sponsors many boating and social events throughout the summer season. 


One of the unique aspects of the Resolute Cup are the supplied one-design boats with sails provided and the rig tune standardized. As with previous editions, the 2016 Resolute Cup will utilize two one-design fleets. Teams will sail a two-day qualifying series in both Sonars and Melges 20s, with the top ten teams moving to the two-day championship series in Melges 20s and the remaining teams competing in Sonars. Each sailor must be a World Sailing Group 1 (amateur) sailor, and a member of the club he or she represents. The winning team will be the one that is best able to adapt to the sailing styles required for success in each design. These are some of the biggest factors that draw boats to the event.

“The invitational is one of the best regattas in the country right now,” says team skipper Conor Hayes. “It runs by the NYYC who does an excellent job in everything they do, they level the field by supplying boats, and they limit professionals.”

For Winnipesaukee, and ten other clubs, this will be their first time competing in the Resolute Cup.

“[The members] are astounded that we qualified for our yacht club,” says Hayes. “We are a very small yacht club and they are all very excited that we are able to compete on this level.”

When it comes to the team Hayes was chosen as he is one of the sailors who does the most racing outside of their yacht club. Once chosen he was able to choose his own team, which was approved.

“My tactician is Graham Philpot, we both grew up in this club since childhood and he is an accomplished keelboat racer. Also with us is Jesse Thompson, who I have been sailing with for years. We are jumping into boats that we don’t know as well so we thought it was best to be sailing with people who consistently race with.”

SKIPPER - Conor Hayes

TACTICIAN - Graham Philpot