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Lake Geneva Yacht Club


Fontana, WI

Founded 1876


Lake Geneva Yacht Club burgeeThe Lake Geneva Yacht Club is one of the oldest member clubs in the Inland Lake Yachting Association. It is home to several Rolex Sailor of the Year nominees and Olympic Medalists, including Jane Pegal, Buddy Melges, Bill Bentsen, and Brian Porter. The club predominantly sails scow classes, but also has fleets of Melges 24s, X Boats, and Optis.

In 2013, after years of discussion, the members and Boards of Directors of the Lake Geneva Yacht Club and the Geneva Lake Sailing School agreed on plans for the construction of a new shared facility. Construction began in October 2014 soon after the September demolition of the main Yacht Club and Sailing School buildings. The new facility contains approximately 12,000 square feet of space with the Sailing School on the first floor and the Yacht Club on the second floor. An upstairs deck provides more than 3,000 additional square feet of space. The entire property, which consists of approximately eight acres of land and structures from South Lake Shore Drive to the lakefront and between the east and west boundaries, has been designated the Buddy Melges Sailing Center.


For Lake Geneva this will be their first year making an appearance at the Resolute Cup. Skipper Vincent Porter walked us through why the club is supporting a team for this event and how the two different one-design boats will impact the racing.

“For one thing, I love sailing in Newport, RI so that was a bit draw when I heard the regatta is hosted by the NYYC,” says Porter. “But, what really caught my attention this year was an article about the Melges 20’s being incorporated. Any National Championship that gets such diverse representation from different clubs is a very unique thing. I have a lot of pride being from a relatively small yacht club in Wisconsin and it is fun to compete against some of the biggest and most renowned clubs in the country.”

Teams will sail a two-day qualifying series on Narragansett Bay in both Sonars and Melges 20s. The top teams will move to the two-day Championship Series in Melges 20s, and the remaining teams will compete for Silver Fleet honors in Sonars.

“The Melges 17 is one of my favorite boats out there. There are certainly many similarities between them and the Melges 20, although the Melges 20 can get pretty technical with the rig. Hopefully the standardization of the rig tuning will eliminate that difficult aspect of the boat for people who haven’t had much experience with it, including myself. But, sailing downwind with the asymmetrical is something I’ve had a lot of experience with over the past few years, so hopefully that translates into some good things happening for us. As for Sonars, I really don’t have much experience with them. The Sonar will place a premium on a lot of the basics, which is fun. I’m assuming there won’t be much of a speed gap, and that will make the starts, jibes, and mark-roundings pretty critical in such tight racing.”

SKIPPER - Vincent Porter