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CRF Classics Rule

CRF Application

Classics racing in New York Yacht Club regattas are rated using the CRF rating rule. The Notice of Race for each NYYC regatta using the CRF rule may include further requirements for Classic yachts.

Classic Yacht Owners Association

CRF Rating Adjustment

In an effort to continually improve the accuracy and reliability of the CRF rating system for classic yachts, the CRF Technical Committee meets annually to review and update elements of the rule. Recent changes include:

2013 – Beam ratio factors are being taken into account, utilizing displacement as a main determining factor.  2013 ratings certificates, and those going forward may be adjusted based on this formula.

2011 – there was a new adjustment to the NON-Spinnaker ratings. Any yacht using a headsail with an LP > 150% must have a current certificate reflecting the larger headsail.

  • “The calculation of headsails which were previously rated, and limited to, 150%, will now be rated, for those requesting, at actual LP%, allowing larger (or smaller) headsails to be used up to the yacht’s greatest rated LP%”.

Scoring calculation

CRF ratings are converted into seconds/mile allowance based on a scratch boat with a CRF rating of 81.0.  Results are calculated using time on distance.