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The IRC Rule is a measurement rule jointly administered by RORC and UNCL. A measurement rule is one in which the rating is calculated based on measurements of the yacht’s hull, appendages, rig, sails and weight. The accuracy of the supplied data is critically tied to the rating that is issued.

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Reduced Fee Program Supported by US-IRC

The US-IRC organization is pleased to announce that it will extend its support for the IRC Certificate holders and continue to offer discounted IRC certificates in 2014 as it did this past year.

Similar to last year's program, the US-IRC Organization Discounted Fees for 2014 will apply as follows:

  • Fees are discounted for New certificates and Revalidations for certificates last valid more than two years ago;
  • Applies to Endorsed, Non-endorsed and One-Design New certificate applications;
  • Applies to Revalidations for certificates last valid in 2011 and before;
  • The discounted fees below apply only to normal (non-expedited) processing.  Expedited processing fees are higher;
  • Contact Eric Baittinger, IRC Manager, for more infomation. .

Boat LH (Hull Length)               Owner Fee
Up to 10.67 m (35')                      $125
10.68 to 12.19 m (35.01 to 40')   $150
12.20 to 13.72 m (40.01 to 45')   $175
13.73 to 15.24 m (45.01 to 50')   $200
15.25 to 16.76 m (50.01 to 55')   $225
16.77 to 18.29 m (55.01 to 60')   $250
18.30 to 19.81 m (60.01 to 65')   $275
19.82 to 21.34 m (65.01 to 70')   $300
21.35 to 22.86 m (70.01 to 75')   $325