170th Annual REgatta + 52 Super Series

170th Annual Regatta including The 52 Super Series and GL Invitational

June 11 to 16, 2024 - 52 Super Series & GL Invitational
June 14-16, 2024 - 170th Annual Regatta
Newport, R.I.

North America's oldest annual regatta will feature three great days of racing including the separately scored Around-the-Island Race on Friday, June 14. Competition will take place in ORC, PHRF and one-design classes, as well as for classic yachts and multihulls. This regatta marks the start to an historic season of ORC racing, culminating in the 2024 ORC World Championship at the end of September.

This year the 52 Super Series and Great Lakes Invitational will run concurrent to the Annual Regatta with an additional 3 days of racing prior to the Around-the-Island Race. They will join up with the ATI racers as well as the Two-Day Series competitors.

The New York Yacht Club Annual Regatta was first run on July 17, 1845, on the Hudson River. Nine yachts started the 40-mile race with the 45-ton Cygnet winning with an elapsed time of 5 hour and 26 minutes. The race was run in or near New York City until 1988 when the purchase of Harbour Court in Newport, R.I., gave the Club a waterfront clubhouse from which to run all its regattas. The current format, featuring a round-the-island race on Friday and two days of buoy or navigator-course racing has been in place for more than a decade.

Photo by Daniel Forster

170th Annual Regatta - Accordion


WAIVER - A waiver must be submitted for all crew prior to racing. Boats will not be scored unless all waivers have been received.

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