2024 Bermuda Short-Handed Return

2024 Bermuda Short-Handed Return

June 30, 2024: Race Start

The New York Yacht Club, the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club and the Cruising Club of America, are looking forward to the second edition of the Bermuda Short-Handed Return Race—a post Newport Bermuda Race return to Newport for Single- and Double-Handed Boats.

The race hopes to engender a safe return environment for competitors through tracking and the knowledge that other competitors are on the course to provide assistance, if needed. It is also hoped the race will promote greater interest in short-handed sailing, particularly in light of the Olympic interest under discussion.

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2024 Regatta Association Partners

2024 BSHR - Accordian

Follow the competitors as they race back from Bermuda to Newport! 

Click here to track. 

BOAT INFORMATION FORM - A Boat information form must be submitted by all participants. 

POST RACE CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE - A Certificate of Compliance must be submitted by the owner/skipper of each boat within 18 hours of finishing.  

WAIVER - A waiver must be submitted for all crew prior to racing. Boats will not be scored unless all waivers have been received.

We have made arrangements again this year with George Washington Maritime Medical Access (GWMMA) to provide standby telephonic medical support during the race. GWMMA may not disclose your protected health information (“PHI”) without your written authorization, except as provided in their Notice of Privacy Practices. If you want GWMMA providers to share your PHI with the Bermuda Short Handed Return coordinators, you must individually authorize that by each participant completing and signing and returning the MFA Authorization form. This form is optional; GWMMA will not condition providing treatment to you on whether you complete this form. 

Click here to access the MFA Authorization to Disclose PHI form. The completed form should be emailed to [email protected]

All boats arriving into Newport, RI from Bermuda must be cleared by US Customs and Border Protection before any person on board can debark. Click here for more information on what steps you will need to take to complete this process.

Bermuda Short-Handed Return Awards
New York Yacht Club Harbour Court Station 10
  • Time: 1400 - 1600
  • Price: Included with entry
  • Dress: Sailing Attire