2022 Bermuda Short-Handed Return

June 26 to July 3, 2022

The New York Yacht Club and the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, working with the support of the Cruising Club of America, are hosting an inaugural Bermuda Short-Handed Return Race—a post Newport Bermuda Race return to Newport for Single- and Double-Handed Boats.

The race hopes to engender a safe return environment for competitors through tracking and the knowledge that other competitors are on the course to provide assistance, if needed. It is also hoped the race will promote greater interest in short-handed sailing, particularly in light of the Olympic interest under discussion.

Photo: Courtesy of Bermuda Tourism

Race Documents - NOR, SI and Notices

Registration and Entry List

Waiver, Medical RElease, and certificate of compliance

All competitors must complete the Waiver & Release of Liability prior to the start of the regatta. CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE
A Certificate of Compliance must be completed by the skipper of each yacht prior the the start of the regatta. GEORGE WASHINGTON MARITIME MEDICAL RELEASE
A Medical Release must be submitted by all competitors prior to the race. Please complete this digital form even if you have already emailed a version in.