2023 Women's 2v2 Team Race

June 3-4, 2023
Newport, RI

New York Yacht Club is looking forward to hosting the third edition of the Women's 2v2 Team Race. Set to kick off the team racing season at Habour Court, June 3-4, this event will once again showcase the best female team racers in the country. Each team shall consist of skippers and crew for two boats with a minimum of four sailors per boat and a combined weight not to exceed 1,400 pounds. All sailors must be female. Per the Notice of Race, there is no requirement for team members to be from the same club or organization, but each helmsperson shall be a member of US Sailing or their Member National Authority. 

Entry is by invitation. Interested teams may submit the Request for Invitation form, along with a team resume, no later than February 24. Invitations to the top 10 teams will be sent March 1 with an entry deadline of March 24.

Pictured: 2022 Women's 2v2 Team Race winners Lauderdale Yacht Club (Ohoto by Stu Streuli)

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WAIVER - A waiver must be submitted for all crew prior to racing. Boats will not be scored unless all waivers have been received. Coming soon.
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