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The ORC was founded in 1969 by the Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC) and the Cruising Club of America (CCA) to develop a handicap standard for the international community. Since then, the ORC has supported several rules including the IOR, IMS, and, most recently, the ORC Rule. The ORC Rule was structured in the late 2000's to promote safe design practices and to fairly rate a broad range of designs, including cruiser/racer and modern race boats. Learn more about the history of the ORC.
NYYC currently uses both ORC International and ORC Club ratings. Other products are available - visit the ORC site for more information.

The ORC Rule relies on a Velocity Prediction Program (VPP) based on standard measurements defined by the Universal Measurement System (UMS). The rating calculator outputs a multi-number rating, suitable for various scoring options and course configurations. While ORC Club and ORC International certificates differ with respect to measurement criteria, they rely on the same calculation routine. As a result, Club and International certificates may be scored consistently with each other.

The ORC VPP is updated annually and all rulesregulationscertificates and VPP documentation are freely available to the racing community. ORC scoring options include Time-on-Distance, Time-on-Time, Triple Number, and Performance Curve Scoring, and other custom options.


ORC is globally recognized in local, national, and international races making it the most popular measurement-based rating system in the world, with >10,000 certificates issued in 40 countries. The ORC rating system offers ORC Club and ORC International certificates for Racer, Cruiser/Racer and Sportboats, and ORCsy certificates for Superyachts.

ORCi is based on a complete boat measurement carried out by a certified measurer as defined by the Universal Measurement System. This is the most accurate rating the rule system offers. These certificates are intended for use in World, Continental, Regional, and National level races. Any boat with a full-measured ORR certificate may obtain an ORCi certificate without further measurements needed…contact [email protected].

ORCi certificates issued by US Sailing cost $8/foot up to 59 feet LOA, and $10.50/foot for boats 60 feet and longer.

Club certificates do not require certified measurement. Instead, owners are allowed to declare select measurements while other parameters are assigned by the rating office. Where input data is lacking, the rating office will apply estimates or default values that err to a faster rating. The more data submitted based on measurements, the more accurate the rating.

ORC Club certificates issued by US Sailing are $100 regardless of length, and can be ordered at
For both ORC and ORC Club certificates, Sail Measurement Certificates must be provided and can be completed by your local sail maker. ORC Club certificates are intended for club-level racing.