2023 Rolex New York Yacht Club Invitational Cup

September 9-16, 2023


The Rolex New York Invitational Cup returns for the 7th edition of this historic international yacht club challenge. The event will be run for the third time in the club's fleet of IC37s. As shown in since their debut in 2019, these boats will once again provide the ultimate platform for high energy, amateur sailing on a completely level platform. 

The preliminary regatta schedule includes three days of optional practice beginning September 6, registration and optional practice on September 9, two days of mandatory practice on September 10 and 11, and five days of racing beginning September 12. The memorable Rolex Awards Dinner will be held September 16 on the lawn of the New York Yacht Club Harbour Court. 


race documents

  • Notice of Race
  • NOR Addendum A - US Sailing Prescriptions
  • NOR Addendum C - Required Equipment and Modifications
  • NOR Addendum D - USSER
  • Sailing Instructions
  • Appendix UF

registration, entry list, wire transfer details

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IC37 - Performance resources

preliminary schedule

The IC37s will be available for optional practice from September 8-10 and again after registration on September 11.
Saturday, September 9 0900-1100  Registration - Sailing Center
  0900-1200  IC37 Check-out following registration
  1200-1600  IC37s available for practice following check out 
  1600-1800  Late Registration - Sailing Center
Sunday, September 10 0900-1000  Late Registration (if needed) - Sailing Center
  0900-1000  IC37 Protocol, Safety & Sail Briefing - Arcadia Room (mandatory for   helmsmen, tacticians and mainsail trimmers)
  1200-1500  Mandatory Practice Starts and Racing
  1600-1730  Practice Day Video || Weather & Local Knowledge - Arcadia Room (mandatory for  helmsmen, tacticians and mainsail trimmers)
  1800  Classification Protest Time Limit
Monday, September 11 0900  IC37s available for practice
  1200-1500  Mandatory Practice Starts and Racing
  1600-1800  Hospitality Center - Lower Lawn
  1730-1800  Meeting with Umpires - Arcadia Room (mandatory for helmsmen and   tacticians)
  1800-1830  Captains' Meeting - Arcadia Room (mandatory for helmsmen, tacticians,   coaches and spectator boat captains)
  1830-2000  Opening Ceremony & Reception - Marquee (Jacket & Tie)
Tuesday, September 12 0830  Morning Competitors Meeting
  1100  Race Day 1 - First Warning Signal 
  1600-1800  Hospitality Center - Lower Lawn
  1800-2000  Special Event - TBD
Wednesday, September 13 0830  Morning Competitors Meeting
  1100  Race Day 2 - First Warning Signal
  1600-2000  Hospitality Center - Lower Lawn
  1800  Daily Awards at the Hospitality Center
Thursday, September 14 0830  Morning Competitor Meeting
  1100  Race Day 3 - First Warning Signal
  1600-1830  Hospitality Center - Lower Lawn
  1830-2130  NYYC Lobster Bake and Daily Awards - Marquee (Smart Casual)
Friday, September 15 0830  Morning Competitors Meeting
  1100  Race Day 4 - First Warning Signal
  1600-2000  Hospitality Center - Lower Lawn
  1800  Daily Awards at the Hospitality Center
  1830-1930  Commodore's Reception (Jacket & Tie, by invitation only)
Saturday, September 16 0800  Morning Competitor Meeting
  0900  Parade of Nations - Newport Harbor
  1100  Race Day 5 - First Warning Signal
  1800  Awards Cocktails - Hospitality Center (Jacket & Tie)
  1900-2300  Rolex Awards Dinner - Marquee (Jacket & Tie)

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