2024 ORC World Championship

The 2024 ORC World Championship will bring top sailing teams from around the globe to battle on Rhode Island Sound and Narragansett Bay for one of four coveted world titles. It is the first time in over two decades this regatta, which will be held out of the New York Yacht Club Harbour Court from September 27 to October 5, 2024. The event will include the standard ORC A, ORC B and ORC C divisions, but will also include Class 0 for the first time opening up the event to boats with CDL values up to 17.400.

The 2024 ORC World Championship will include a mix of buoy racing and offshore courses testing the mettle of all competitors. Stay tuned for more information, the Notice of Race and opening of registration. Contact the NYYC Sailing Office with any questions. 

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ic37 Charter

  • The New York Yacht Club is investigating chartering their fleet of 20 IC37s for the event. Click here for more information and to indicate your interest in a charter. 

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