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Itchenor Sailing Club

Itchenor Sailing Club

Itchenor Sailing Club
Great Britain

Itchenor burgee

Itchenor Sailing Club is a lively, friendly, active sailing and racing club located in a beautiful setting in Chichester Harbour. We are proud of our heritage and have successfully developed the Club into one of the leading dinghy and keel boat sailing clubs in the UK.

From our jetties we run a comprehensive programme of weekend racing for a mixture of keel boats (Swallow, Sunbeam and X-One Design) and dinghies (International 14, RS800). 

For the cruisers amongst you, we offer a comprehensive cruiser programme that includes rallies and offshore cruises in companyRS200, International 420, K6 and Mirror dinghy (we have 60+ Mirrors on our jetties!). Additionally, we annually hosts a range of Open Meetings for the majority of our dinghy classes.
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About the Team

Skipper: Barry Sampson
Boat: Long Echo

Itchenor Sailing Club helmspersonThe team that Itchenor Sailing Club has assembled contains a number of young sailors. Eight of the young members are under 26 years old and a number of them sailed with Long Echo at the 2011 Invitational Cup. At the helm for this team is Barry Sampson, who has raced for more years than many of those young members have been alive. Sampson is a long-time member of the Swan 42 class who has raced his boat actively in both the United States and Europe. Calling tactics will be Tim Saxton. To prepare for this event the team completed a training week in Palma, Mallorca, at the Palma Vela. In addition they competed in the Swan Nationals in Newport in July. (Barry Sampson, helmsperson, pictured at left). 




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