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Royal Cork Yacht Club

Royal Cork YC

Royal Cork Yacht Club
Cork, Ireland

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The Royal Cork Yacht Club is the oldest yacht club in the world; it was established in 1720 and now boasts a total membership of approximately 1,800. Past members include prince Ferdinand Maximilian of Austria, later Emperor of Mexico, and Sir thomas Lipton. The club’s facilities are unparalleled in Ireland and continue to expand. Major world, European, and Irish Championships are regularly hosted at the club. the biennial Cork Week regatta is regarded as one of Europe’s premier regattas, attracting participants from all over the world.
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About The Team

Skipper: Anthony O' Leary
Boat: Blazer

Anthony OLeary HelmspersonRoyal Cork Yacht Club has been a sturdy competitor in the Invitational Cup since the start. They have consistently place in the top eight in the past Invitational Cups. This may come from their background of encouraging participation in international competition at all levels, thus setting them up for future success. The team this year is again being led by the O'Leary family with Anthony O'Leary at the helm for the fourth time and his son Nicholas O'Leary again calling tactics. The rest of the team selection was based on the performance of Team Antix in the previous season and is filled with experienced sailors. (Anthony O'Leary, helmsperson, pictured at left)

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