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Royal Yacht Squadron

Royal Yacht Squad
Royal Yacht Squadron
Isle Of Wight, England

The Yacht Club, as the Squadron was first known, was founded at the thatched House tavern in St. James’s, London, on June 1, 1815. The qualification entitling a gentleman to become a member was the ownership of a vessel not under 10 tons. Today this is interpreted as a gentleman “actively interested in yachting.” A plain white burgee graced the masthead of members’ yachts; they also wore a plain white ensign with the union in the canton. In 1821 this was changed to a red burgee and ensign. The Earl of Yarborough, later first Commodore of the Yacht Club, welcomed the Prince Regent as a member in 1817. In 1820, when the Prince Regent became George IV, Royal was added to the club’s name. The club’s association with the Royal Navy began early, and Nelson’s Captain at Trafalgar, Admiral Sir Thomas Hardy, was among early Honorary naval members.
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About The Team

Skipper: Graham Bailey
Boat: Uxurious

Royal Yacht Squadron helmspersonWith many years of sailing experience behind them, skipper Graham Bailey and tactician Russell Peters, are leading the Royal Yacht Squadron in this year's Invitational Cup. Peters was the tactician in the 2013 Invitational Cup. The other members of the team were selected based on previous experience. To prepare for the 2015 Invitational Cup the team will be participating in the RYS Bicentenary Regatta Invitational, a similar competition in standardized, one-design, 40-foot yachts. (Graham Bailey, helmsperson, pictured at left)

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