NYYC Cruising Rule

The New York Yacht Club's Cruising Rule (NYYC CR) is a simple rating rule for cruising yachts characterized by vintage design or a substantial bias toward cruising. It is a formula-based rule that uses owner-furnished measurement data. It produces a single-number rating that is used in time-on-distance scoring. If a yacht is considered to be more racing oriented than intended for the Cruising Rule, it may be requested to consider entering another Non-spinnaker Division such as ORC-NS. The Technical Committee has established screening values of sail-area-to-displacement and displacement-length ratios that assist in determining whether a yacht is eligible for the Cruising Rule. Please see below for the Class Rules and (RRS) Modifications.

New York Yacht Club Cruising Rule Formula

Rating in S/M = 2340/R^.5 + 183; R = RF * ((.98L) + (1.32 * SA^.5) - (1.5 * DSP^.333) + (DrC)); where SA = ((JMF * LPF * I * J)/2 +MMF*MSA*.96/LPF+ .4 * MZA) * ((Max of I or P)/(J + E + E2))^.3; and LPF=1+0.4(LPJ-1) where LPJ=LP/J expressed as a fraction; and L = greater of (1.05 * LWL) or (LOA + 3LWL)/4; DrC = (Rated draft - Base draft) *(1 if positive or 0.5 if negative or 0 for fin with bulb or wing if negative); and RF = Prop Factors * Keel Factor * Mast Spreader Factor. Prop Factors are: In Aperture .975; Exposed Shaft .99; Sail Drive .985; Off Center .99; 2 Blade Fold/Feather 1.01; 3 Blade Fold/Feather 1.00; Solid 2 Blade .975; Solid 3 Blade .95; Outboard 1.02; Twin Screw .96. Keel factors are: Fin 1.02; Full .975; Center Board .96; Drop Keel 1.03; Fin with bulb or wing 1.03. Mast/Weight Factors are: Wood .98; Aluminum 1.00; Carbon 1.01; No. of pairs of Spreaders: Zero .98; 1 or more 1.00. Ec = .5 * E + .75 * GM + .5 * GU; Base draft = (0.15 * LWL + 1.5)FT; Rated draft = Draft(keel) or Draft(CB); Draft(CB) = Up + .5*(DN - UP)^2/DN; Sail Material Factors: Mainsail (MMF = 1.00 if Woven; 1.02 if Laminated Cruising; 1.04 if Laminated Racing); Jib (JMF = 1.00 if Woven; 1.03 if Laminated Cruising; 1.06 if Laminated Racing). Other sails MF=1.00 if woven. Honorary Winners Penalties: 2% for first, 1% for second based on overall season performance.

Class Rules:

  • No "DDS Foils" or any other type of "vertically lifting foil" 
  • RRS 52 is modified to allow power operated winches.
  • Crew shall be stationed fully inside the lifelines (changes RRS 49.2)
  • Bonefide double headsail rigs may carry staysails attached to their inner forestasys.
  • Only one headsail shall be carried in the fore triangle at one time (i.e., drop one sail before setting another) and the luff of that sail shall be affixed to a stay (modifies RRS 55.1).
  • Ketches are allowed to carry Mizzen staysails and Yawls may not.
  • No spinnakers allowed.
  • A spinnaker pole no longer than J may be used to wing out a jib on the side opposite the main boom as long as no other sail is set in the fore triangle (changes RRS 55.2). 
  • Crew number is limited to the number of berths and may be changed by notice.
  • All sails to be of woven material unless declared otherwise.
  • Number of headsails allowed on board: one up to 155% J; one up to 135% J; one up to 110% J. Smaller jibs: no restrictions
  • 75% in RRS 55.4 is changed to 50%. 


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