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Yacht Club Argentino


Yacht Club Argentino
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Club History

The Yacht Club Argentino was founded on July 2, 1883, making it the oldest yacht club in Latin America. It has 3,855 members who enjoy the club’s four locations (Buenos Aires, San Fernando, and two in Mar del plata). The YCa, along with other international clubs, played an integral role in founding the International Yacht Racing Union (now the International Sailing Federation) in 1907. The YCA organizes the most important Latin American championship, with more than 500 boats including one-designs from Optimists to Soto 33s. The club also organizes major offshore races such as Buenos Aires-Rio, South Atlantic Rolex Cup, and Buenos aires-Mar del plata. among its current members are olympic medalists Juan de la Fuente, Javier Conte, and Lucas Calabrese. To visit the club's website please click here

 About the Team

Skipper: Paulo Cosentino
Boat: The Cat Came Back

The Yacht Club Argentino continues to get better and better with every Invitational Cup they compete in. This year they are bringing back most of the same team that competed in the 2013 Invitational Cup. Since they have been sailing together for many years they hope their experience will give them an extra edge. To get ready they have been practicing on a chartered SOTO 33 and have started a physical training program. Paulo M. Cosentino will be leading the team at the helm with Javier Tavella as tactician. Both Cosentino and Tavella have over 40 years of experience and have sailed in events such as ORC Nationals, Soling Worlds, and Buenos Aires Week. They are excited for the upcoming event and are "ready for this new challenge."

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